Redactions (2015-) is an ongoing exploration of ideas surrounding the extraction of "peaks," or "transients" from geographically & thematically relevant audio materials given a particular realization or performance. The outcome can take any stylistic form from classic Musique Concrète to poly-rhythmic chaos to solemn minimalism-inspired canons. 

After years of performing computer music & with variable hardware analogue / digital modular synthesizer systems, I've decided to again explore the merging of the two via the Expert Sleepers modules connecting Max-MSP & a Hybrid Digital / Analogue Eurorack Modular Synthesizer via Optical ADAT connection. Hinging on the topographies of the"Occlusions" & "Generators" patches, it's the most complete performance solution I've come up with to date; it is very much a live performance work & as of yet remains undocumented by a commercial recording. It's generally performed in Quad, although stereo & Octophonic performances have been given; please come hear it live.


Ohm Redactions (Berlin, April 2015)
Villa Arconati Redactions (Milan, June 2015)
MWM Redactions (Pawtucket, June 2015)
3S Redactions (Portsmouth, June 2015)
ZKM Redactions (Karlsruhe, July 2015)
Oto Redactions (London, July 2015)
City Hall Redactions (Boston, October 2015)
Ezra Pound Redactions (Cambridge, October 2015)
PS1 Redactions (Queens, November 2015)
Max Watts Redactions (Melbourne, December 2015)
Carriageworks Redactions (Sydney, February 2016)
Convergence Redactions (Banff, March 2016)

Press & Further Reading:

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FACT (September, 2015)
CCVA (October, 2015)
Office for the Arts at Harvard (October, 2015)
Boston Hassle (October, 2015)
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