The Generators (2010-2012) were a series of composition & performance solutions based on the idea of utilizing gradually opposing clock & control voltages to yield flowing canons of modal minimalism. The direct descendant of Playthroughs, this exploration of the implementation of algorithmic & generative processes in hardware was a rigorous three-year pursuit; the ideas in these patches are still heavily utilized as one of the building blocks of the Redactions series.

"Generator" was performed a number of times in a wide variety of situations & occasions, with the final performance given in September 2011 at Issue Project Room during a week-long celebration of the music of Eliane Radigue; along with Terry Riley & Laurie Spiegel, a major formal & conceptual influence on this particular piece. As a solo work, it has been revisited only once since then on the occasion of an invitation to perform on Revere Beach in Boston, MA; I had driven past the "Beach Generator" sign many times on the way there; a natural fit. 


Live Generator 1.0 - 090919 / Cafe Du Nord, San Francisco
Live Generator 1.1 - 090927 / The Armory, Somerville
Live Generator 1.2 - 091009 / Spectacle, Boston
Live Generator 1.3 - 091024 / The Elevens, Northampton

Live Generator 1.5 - 100214 / Starlab, Somerville
Live Generator 1.6 - 100228 / The Whitehaus, Jamaica Plain

Live Generator 1.8 - 100603 / Warsaw, Greenpoint

Chicago Generator - 100819 / The Viaduct Theater, Chicago
Pyramid Generator - 100922 / Pyramid Atlantic, Silver Spring
High Zero Generator - 100926 / Theatre Project, Baltimore
Issue Generator (for Eliane Radigue) - 100927 / Issue Project Room, Brooklyn


"Generator" (Root Strata RS62, June 2010)
"Live Generators (1)" (Protracted View)
"Generators" (Editions Mego, March 2012)

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