Rythmes Naturels (2011) was a commission from Sonic Acts, Kontraste, and the GRM. Composed between October 3rd & 7th in Paris at the GRM's famed studio 103, the piece was premiered only a few short weeks later at Kontraste's "Imaginary Landscapes" festival in Krems.

Composed for the GRM's Acousmonium, the piece features 80 discrete channels of audio that are applied to the collection of vintage Elipsons & sparklers, and a contemporary array of full-range speakers. Incorporating recordings made of both of the Coupigny Modular Synthesizers, the Publison DHM 89 Stereo Digital Audio Computers & the KB 2000 Keyboard, it continues the work with vintage, regional electronic musical instruments put in place with "Multiples." 

"Rythmes" has been performed a number of times, both in its original, full-scope speaker-orchestra setting & a scaled-down Quad presentation. 


Kontraste "Imaginary Landscapes" Festival (Krems, October 2011)
Madlener House - Graham Foundation (Chicago, March 2012)
Akousma (Montreal, 2012)

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