Trilogie d'Erreur (2015) was the second piece composed at the request of the Groupe de Recherches Musicales in Paris, for the occasion of the 2015 Présénces Electroniques Festival; an octophonic work, scaleable from 8 up to 24 channels, in three distinct sections.

The piece incorporates three separate threads into a narrative whole: a modular synthesizer improvisation recorded in Halle, Germany during the Werkleitz: Utopien Vermeiden festival, a series of generative canons recorded for a benefit compilation for the composer & synthesist Joseph Raglani, and a heavily augmented field recording made in the Shin-Okubo neighborhood of Tokyo, utilizing noise reduction algorithms to extract, then re-introduce a low-cycle electrical hum.

As an opponent to the rapid-fire, 5-day 60-hour composition & completion process of "Rythmes Naturels," "Trilogie" was composed over a relaxed 6-month period in my Cambridge, MA office & was designed to allow for interpretation & improvisation at the mixing console, in the style of the classic GRM "Acousmatic" events of the 70s. the piece was performed only once, on the 6th of March 2015, just before my multi-channel reconfiguration of Ilhan Mimaroglu's "Tract." at Le Centquatre's basement black-box theater utilizing François Bayle's Acousmonium speaker array.

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