A commissioned research & performance project organized by Les Siestes Electroniques & the Musée du quai Branly in Paris, the Hugh Tracey Mix-Collage (2012) was assembled over a series of stays in Paris in the museum's Mediatheque, folding a series of archival recordings on loan from the ILAM in Johnannesburg of pioneering British ethnomusicologist Hugh Tracey's work in Rhodesia, Tanzania, and the Congo into an hour-long, narrative survey of unorthodox forms in early 20th century African music.

For the performance, I spliced an hours' worth of recordings into a narrative presentation, utilizing post-processing, dub-style effects chains, inserting side-chained synthesizer patterns into the mix, yielding something along the lines of a anthropological free-for-all touching on experimental instrument design, electronic-seeming acoustic timbres, call & response vocal traditions, & Afro Futurism.

Press & Further Reading:

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