Epithets (2015) is a 12-channel, 44 minute electronic work composed for Tony Myatt & Oli Larkin's "The Morning Line;" a 53-channel hybrid sculpture / acousmatic space currently installed in front of ZKM in Karlsruhe, Germany. The premiere was made as part of Insonic festival on the 24th of November & the piece was entered into the regular circulation of the sculpture, enjoying nightly performances from the 26th on.

"'Epithets' was created specifically for the Morning Line. It is based around a generative, self-automating Hybrid Analogue-Digital Modular Synthesizer patch that applies principles of Werner Heisenberg's research on "Turbulent Flows" into a series of sub-dividable motor-rhythm arcs that freely wander across the internal soundfields of the sculpture. While structurally similar to early Minimalism, the piece incorporates gradual, almost subliminal shifts between modal & nonlinear tonalities that only become apparent over the piece's complete duration."

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