Nadra Phalanx (2012) is a 78-minute suite of generative Modular Synthesizer pieces, commissioned by & developed for Mark Fell & Joe Gilmore's "Composing with Process" series, hosted by the MACBA's Radio Web portal.

‘Nadra Phalanx’ consists of six automatic pieces for hybrid digital-analogue modular synthesiser. These un-monitored and unedited pieces were recorded on June 9 th and 10th, 2012. According to Whitman, the tracks ‘all hinge around the same set of generative patches, where white noise is sampled then used to derive a series of 12 bucket brigade voltages that are attenuated, then multiplied and applied to all manner of automations within the patches’. Whitman goes on to explain that ‘all changes are programmed into the patches – even formal changes are due to extremely long duty cycles’. Recorded at Much Wenlock. Voight-Kampff Machine --> Vermona Retroverb --> Zoom H4n. No editing, slight audio-mastering in the digital domain. Otherwise untouched, un-monitored for the most part. 

Press & Further Reading:

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