The follow-up LP to "Multiples," four years in the making, Disingenuity b/w Disingenuousness (2010) was born out of a request for material by Bill Kouligas for his then-fledgeling label PAN. Its issue, early in the influential label's discography, ushered in the transition from Harsh Noise & Industrially-laced Experimental music to the powerhouse left-of-center dance music hybrid that it remains today.

Consisting of two, very different pieces resulting from running a Nagra Tape Recorder through the exact same Doepfer Analogue Modular Synthesizer patches; recording it into a software-based DAW, then sending the mixed back through the synthesizer & tape machine, reciprocally, for a minimum of three passes, the LP was unmitigated success, topping the year-end charts of influential Manchester online retailer Boomkat & magazines such as The Wire & quickly selling through multiple pressings.

Working out of the Mimaroglu office in Porter Square, Cambridge &, principally, at sound checks & concerts at The Music Gallery in Toronto & The Stone in lower Manhattan throughout 2007 & 2008, the initial recordings were then versioned & re-versioned endlessly between 2008 & 2010 between shifts operating the business. While the influences printed on the sleeve - "Disingenuity" dedicated to Bernard Bonnier, Luis De Pablo, Pietro Grossi, Costin Miereanu, Basil Kirchin & Dub Taylor; "Disingenuousness" dedicated to François Bayle, Steve Birchall, Michael Czajkowski, Douglas Leedy, Jacques Lejeune & Richard Pinhas - there is also an unspoken nod to the whole Basic Channel / Chain Reaction / Hard Wax axis, made all the more explicit through the LP's expert-level master & cut via Dubplated & Mastering guru Rashad Becker.

While the Stone & Music Gallery concerts were the only real attempts to perform "Disingenuousness" live, the cascading, generative minor-arpeggio canon patch was utilized to greater effect via the Generators series.

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