Geoff Mullen & I met after he had taped one of his demos to the door of the co-op house I was living in in Somerville back in the early 2000s. We quickly became close friends & I formed a label, Entschuldigen, to release said demo on CD. We began recording & playing as a duo shortly thereafter & I hired Geoff to help me helm Mimaroglu Music after its awkward out-growing of said co-op & its move into the spacious Porter Square loft it occupied for 7 years; those were the salad days.

We issued a 100-copy duo LP on Mimaroglu's in-house imprint no. of a concert at Somerville's Portugese-American Lounge where every copy's cover image was a different still taken throughout the night. A year later, Dan "Oneohtrix Point Never" Lopatin issued a disc on his fledgeling Upstairs CDR label, which we briefly P&D'ed at Mimaroglu. Jeff "Rene Hell" Witscher readied a cassette release of ours on his Agents of Chaos imprint under the name Any Given Sunday later the same year, completing the format trifecta.

A planned fourth issue, a double-something (View-Master reel? Web Page?) despite being incredible, remains in conceptual limbo.


July 19 2006 (no., 2009)
November 28 2009 (Upstairs, 2010)
Take me to your Dealer (Agents of Chaos, 2010)


The Middle East Restaurant Upstairs (Cambridge, February 2009)
Great Scott (Allston, May 2009)
The Piano Craft Guild (Boston, June 2009)
Cafe Fixe (Brookline, July 2009)
Homegrown Fest @ The Church (Boston, July 2009)
Weirdstock @ YMCA (Cambridge, August 2009)
Nom D'Artiste (Boston, November 2009)
The Temple (Jamaica Plain, July 2010)
BCA Center (Burlington, 2011)
The Elevens (Northampton, 2011)
ctrl-alt-repeat (Providence, February 2013)