After the demise of the Playthroughs system & my inability to perform Multiples live, I began working solely with an Analogue Modular Synthesizer as a performance solution. This led to many wonderful concerts in & around the greater Boston area & the pieces gradually became more & more complex. I had the idea to begin issuing these as a series of Split LPs with like-minded, yet wholly acoustic musicians - a plan which backfired almost instantly; the vast majority of them feature electronic musicians with whom I've had lasting friendships.


w/ Carlos Giffoni; Techno b/w 070207 (No Fun Productions, 2009)
w/ Mike Shiflet: 070325 b/w 080409 (Amethyst Sunset, 2010)
w/ Ben Vida: AGGREGATEPULSERIPPER (DAMAGED IIII) b/w 080114 (Amish, 2011)
w/ Alien Radio: Untitled b/w 101105 (Dekorder, 2011)
w/ Eli Keszler: Mired b/w Occlusions (NNA Tapes, 2012)