Premiere of "Epithets" for the 'The Morning Line'

  • ZKM 19 Lorenzstraße Karlsruhe, BW, 76135 Germany

"'Epithets' was created specifically for the Morning Line. It is based around a generative, self-automating Hybrid Analogue-Digital Modular Synthesizer patch that applies principles of Werner Heisenberg's research on "Turbulent Flows" into a series of sub-dividable motor-rhythm arcs that freely wander across the internal soundfields of the sculpture. While structurally similar to early Minimalism, the piece incorporates gradual, almost subliminal shifts between modal & nonlinear tonalities that only become apparent over the piece's complete duration."

Keith Fullerton Whitman is a musician based in Cambridge, MA, USA. His work often explores the grey areas between Composition, Improvisation, and Algorithmic, Generative, and rule-based Systems music, with an emphasis on site-specific realizations that blur the boundaries between what is - or isn't - "Real-Time." In addition to issuing dozens of commercially-available recordings for Kranky, Planet µ, Editions Mego, & PAN, he has performed over 500 unique realizations of his work across celebrated European festival stages and, more recently, architecturally significant spaces such as Boston City Hall and Harvard's Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts. A trilogy of frameworks for elaborate hardware-based modular systems - starting with "Generators," then continuing with "Occlusions" - has recently been completed with the debut performances of "Redactions" this summer.  

At the beginning of the New Art Season 2013/2014, during a formel ceremony on September 15, 2013, the Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary Foundation (TBA21) will be permanently handing over the Sound Pavilion "The Morning Line" to the ZKM. Following locations such as Seville and Istanbul, the Sound Pavilion was until recently located on Schwarzenbergplatz in Vienna and since August it is accessible on the ZKM_Forecourt.

The Sound Pavilion consists of 46 loudspeakers and 12 subwoofers which are guided by a central control unit. "The Morning Line" by artist Matthew Ritchie, the architects ArandaLasch and Arup AGU is thus especially suited for live, open-air performances. From mid-September, primarily contemporary electro-acoustic compositions by international artists will be audible and experienceable over the ZKM_Forecourt.

As an oversized sound body accessible to the visitors "The Morning Line" represents very new kinds of components in the ZKM’s interactive concept: The installation not only responds to the musician’s instructions; by means of a software extremely sensitive to changes to the flow of visitors are also registered, which, in turn, impact upon the form of sound. This unique, interactive sound system was designed by Tony Myatt, and the Music Research Centre of York University. 

Under the direction of Peter Weibel, Chairman of the ZKM, additional interdisciplinary sound experiments and collaborative projects between the ZKM and Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary are being planned:

"The future of 'The Morning Line' not only lies in its permanent construction in public space, but in ongoing sonic use as a site for advanced compositions." (Francesca von Habsburg, Chairwoman of the TBA21)

Operation Times of the Installation
Compositions can be heard from Monday−Sunday from 10 a.m.−10 p.m.!