• max watts 125 Swanston Street Melbourne, VIC, 3000 Australia

Robin Fox: RGB Laser
Keith Fullerton Whitman: Modular Synthesizer
Marco Fusinato: Guitar
Oren Ambarchi: Guitar

The eagerly-anticipated annual stellar convergence EVERYBODY TALKS ABOUT THE WEATHER has been forecast for Friday the 18th of December this year, when three of Melbourne's finest and fiercest frequential experimentalists fortuitously find themselves in the same city simultaneously - serendipitously so with a special guest international audial atmosphericist/modular synthesist. With the extreme amplification intensification afforded by the new location at Max Watt's lovers of the loud and immersively transcendent are certain to be bathed in sonic bliss and offered experiences far beyond the expressive potential, and frequential range, of remorsefully watching the bootleg videos on YouTube later.

Robin Fox's stunningly sublime synaesthetic laser performances have set the bar for universally spellbinding happenings dazzlingly high, and the expansion of his signature green to red green and blue a year ago saw a warehouse full of humans near-frozen with awe then filled with childlike splendour as they reached up through his luminescent architectures. Domestic performances are rare so, if you've not been saturated in one of Fox's deliciously dense digital sound-and-light extravaganzas then carpe lucem!

Keith Fullerton Whitman, one of the legends of modern synthesis with recent releases on Editions Mego, Pan and Kranky amongst dozens of others, will work his modular magic  sculpting voltage like an audio alchemist. He's played most of the main stages at festivals worldwide and his set is a must see for anyone interested in... well... music. Dedicated to the live performance of electronic sound for nearly two decades now he truly is a master. No presets here folks. Needs to be heard to be believed.

Cacophonous guitar dissident Marco Fusinato was last observed casting Spectral Arrows at the Venice Biennale three months ago, carving a monolithic resonant sculpture from the efforts of shredding speaker cones for eight hours straight. He will undoubtedly attempt to subject his six strings, circuitry and speakers to just as much suffering in less than one tenth the time - as such, simultaneous excitement and trepidation are advised.

And one of Australia's pre-eminent avant exports and renowned abstract etherealist Oren Ambarchi commemorates a year that saw him dropping his euphoric bass bombs over 150 times abroad with an all-too-scarce hometown ritual, to fill us all in on his latest methods for mangling the guitar into exquisite textural coagulations. 2015 saw Ambarchi release collaborations with the likes of Keiji Haino, Jim O'Rourke and the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra among his usual bounteous bevy of solo activity, so presents the final of four fantastic reasons to fill your penultimate friday for 2015 with mellifluously metamorphic music!

Please note: Doors at 8:00pm. Ambarchi up first at 8:30p