Mark Fell, a musician & friend I hold in the highest regard, had the idea to form a duo project wherein Mark's software-based formal & event-generation engines would "power" the Hybrid Digital / Analogue modular setup on which I've been performing over the past decade. Hinging on Mark's "Multistability" methodologies, the results wrap the precise, often audio-rate timings & poly-rhythmic patterns around an evolving set of synthesizer patches that slyly reference, yet deviate heavily from the timbral & grid-based lexicons of dance music.

We went from a day spent rehearsing ideas in Mark's Rotherham studio to performing the very next day at the LUFF festival in Lausanne, Switzerland. Over a half-dozen concerts given around the world, these systems grew in complexity and scope until we were both happy enough with the results to begin compiling a document for release, forthcoming for Editions Mego. Future performances & realizations are very much a possibility & can be arranged via our joint agent, Chloe, at Annex Agency in Manchester.


Lausanne Underground Film Festival (Lausanne, October 2014)
CTM 2015 Une Tune Prelude (Berlin, October 2014)
Joshua Brooks (Manchester, October 2014)
Cafe Oto (London, October 2014)
Novas Frequencias (Rio De Janeiro, December 2014)
EMPAC (Troy, February 2015)
HEK (Basel, April 2015)