Oto Redactions

As a small measure of change in these turbulent music/commerce times, I've lowered my guard w/r/t the imposed ban on digital-only releases of my music & have let the fine, fine folks over at Dalston's Cafe Oto put a recording of the 6th realization of "Redactions" up for sale via their web-shop; perhaps as a token of appreciation of their liberal policy towards drinks tickets over the years & their uncanny ability to both stock fine craft victuals & magically always find a place for me to stay for the night well within stumbling distance. Fabio Lugaro's "cover" portrait hammers the point home, though I'm not sure why they blurred out the label of The Kernel Brewery's IPA - a fine beer, readily available year-round behind Oto's bar-counter.

The future of the concept of the issue of a "Redactions" LP - or any other sort of physical thing with my music on it from this point forward, despite many, many carefully laid plans - is clouded with all kinds of extremely rational thought, so this will likely be the defining moment in the piece's life-span. Which, I guess, is fine in this case - it was the one performance of the piece with which I'm the happiest, beginning to end & comes the closest to realizing the sort of live, improvised, minimal real-time Musique Concrète spec I've long had in mind. Hell, it made James Holden walk out mid-set, so there's that. You can get it for £6 here, try to enjoy it while being distracted by 20 other things on your computer:


Keith Fullerton Whitman presents a special Cafe OTO version of his latest project 'Redactions'. In his own words, Redactions "is an ongoing exploration of ideas surrounding the extraction of "peaks," or "transients" from geographically & thematically relevant audio materials given a particular realization or performance.' Intense poly-rhythmic chaos and nightmarish guitar build to breaking point, only to slowly release with the sort of luminous melodies that shone through his earlier Generator. A real trip, but you're in good hands with Keith.
Keith Fullerton Whitman / electronics
Recorded by Shaun Crook on Sunday 5th July 2015. Mixed by John Chantler. Mastered by Andreas [LUPO] Lubich at Calyx, Berlin. Photograph by Fabio Lugaro.
1. OTO Redactions A (18.25)
2. OTO Redactions B (19.42)