I recently completed a mix for the fantastic "Ears Have Ears" Radio show on FBi 94.5FM in Sydney. Acting on the encouragement to be as "obscure as I like," I put together 30m of recent listening habits, sourced to a series of vinyl rips of LPs made to sustain me whilst my record collection endured a 3-month limbo via freight container from Boston to Melbourne. They recently posted the whole thing on SoundCloud; here it is for your listening pleasure:

"Here's a mix covering my recent listening habits, entirely sourced from a series of vinyl rips of recent acquisitions & perennials I made to listen to remotely whilst my collection was locked away in a shipping container for a few months during its trans-pacific voyage. A blend of psychedelic Musique Concrète, anthemic Berlin School ragers, no-wave presaging synth-punk, electronic free jazz, cracked Sound Poetry, and the like. This should give you an idea of where my head is at, musically, at the moment."

1.Jacques Lejeune - Petite Suite • Danse (EMI La Voix De Son Maître, France 1970)
2.Jean Yves Labat - Matrix 16 - (Barclay, Canada 1976)
3.Philiipe Doray - D'Ici à Là (Gratte-Ciel, France 1977)
4.Hans Anton Knall - Merde (Gump, Sweden 1975)
5.V.D.B. Joel - Martian Invaders (Colorsound Library, Germany 1987)
6.Rolf Liebermann - Symphonie "Les Echanges" Komposition Für 156 Maschinen (Turicaphon, Switzerland 1964)
7.Robert "Cleve" Pozar & Michael Sahl - Good Golly Miss Nancy (Savoy, USA 1967)
8.Ernest Hood - Saturday Morning Doze (Thistlefield, USA 1975)
9.Leo Küpper - Automatismes Sonores (Deutsche Grammophon, Germany 1971)
10.Angel Rada - Asesinato Musical (Uranian, Venezuela 1983)