In a few days, I'll be on my way to Banff for a 3-week stay as part of the Convergence Electronic Music Residency. I'll be joined by a fantastic roster of contemporary artists, including Dasha Rush, Markus Heckmann, Robin Fox, Uwe Schmidt, and more; we'll all be giving concerts & talks while using the serenity of the frozen Banff landscape as a backdrop for the development of our own projects. It should be a fantastic time.

I will have open office hours & will be meeting with students & attendees on a one-on-one basis. In addition there will be two talks, one on the choices I've made in regards to the design & layout of my Live Electronic Music setup & another on the so-called "Secret" History of Electronic Music - an informal, yet conversant, conversational exploration of the explosion of homespun approaches to composing with Electronic means following the broadcast of Pierre Schaeffer's "Cinq études de bruits" in 1948 going well into the early 80s - those are on the 14th & the 15th, respectively. I'll also be giving a quad performance on the 19th & I'll be hosting an "Open Spin" on the afternoon of the 10th.

Please get in touch via the "Contact" form on this site if you need any further information, or if you want to get in touch either prior to or during the Residency about anything at all - I'm at your beck & call.


UPDATE: Banff was incredible, as expected. Photographs of the residency above.