Had a lovely time this past weekend performing music in conjunction with several Ontario screenings of the "I Dream Of Wires" Documentary, now finally reaching its theatrical maturity after several revisions (most notably it's now cut with narration by Patti Schmidt, the host of CBC's hugely influential "Brave New Waves" program) ::

The film does a great job in documenting the 90s-onward resurgence of Modular Synthesizers, offering a succinct history & contemporary commentary by a who's-who of Electronic Music producers & manufacturers; I recommend acquiring the 4-hour "Hardcore Edition" cut & spending an hour or so over a few days with it - there's a tremendous amount of material & insight covered. It's available from soundtrack composer Jason "Solvent" Amm's excellent "Science With Synthesizers" webshop (along with a treasure trove of material on his excellent Suction label, including the soundtrack itself on vinyl) ::


Both leading up to & during the trip itself, I recorded a fair bit of audio which I've put up on Soundcloud; these were some of the better sets of music I'd performed recently, incorporating a newly-reconfigured instrument which allowed me to merge the "Generators" & "Occlusions" patches into something far more coherent than I'd previously been able ... enjoy ::

… plus here some choice Vines (who knew) & Instagram videos from the Toronto performance - start them all at once for something approximating the concert experience ::