Kranky Twenty

I'll be flying in to Chicago for Kranky's Twentieth Anniversary festival (playing at Constellation on the 14th) ; It's been ages since I've been out past the Pioneer / Hudson River Valleys towards the center of the country, so this feels major. Obviously the label has been crucial in getting my work out into the world & I'm endlessly indebted to Bruce & Joel for their faith in me & all of their hard-ass work. 

As we're all looking backwards as present, I felt it was only right & natural to complete revamping my ca. 2005 Max-MSP patches to work on a contemporary machine, the same that were used to perform "Recorded in Lisbon" … expect something along those lines (i.e. LOUD sine-square-wave Fibonacci-sequence delay-line time accumulations & granular freezing) ...

Other than a brief blip a few years back at a small gallery here in Boston, I haven't used a computer onstage to make music since about 2007, feels like to right time to dip back into some of those ideas again, which still sound great & resonant to me. Here's a taste of what to expect ::